New Year’s Eve for the Dull

Stop right there! Yes reader(s), you only. Please answer the following questions.

1) Are you a vegetarian/vegan/teetotaller?

2) Do you dislike loud noises (No No Honey Singh) and parties?

3) Are you a single 20 something Indian girl staying with your parents?

If the answer to all the above is yes; Congratulations! You have won the title of Dullard of the Year! (No..wait..I’m always the winner, you can take second place if you like) If the answers to only the first two are yes; sorry, you are still a dullard, with the concession that nobody hyperventilates on your behalf when the word marriage is mentioned in conjunction with the word age. If the answer to all the above is no..get out of my sight! (Sorry..jealous alter ego)

I know this is a tad insulting to the teetotallers and party poopers out there, but it’s New Year’s Eve, and all I’ve done today is study. A few of my friends have gone clubbing (dark rooms, loud noises, drinks..What! Who will marry you if you stay out like this in that frock till 11 and 12 pm at night?!), so no, that option is ruled out. Others have gone somewhere for a sleepover (even worse..what if somebody kidnaps you or something? Never mind that I am overweight by about 20 kgs, and it would take a Hercules to lift me even), that’s a no no too. Okay then, can I just go out for the evening and come back by..what! What are your priorities?! Finish your studies! Career is important! All righty then..I’ll just stay at home and write vicious articles while pretending to study.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is, there should be a separate party for people like me (us?); parties which start at 5 pm and end at 8.30 pm (what early..have to have dinner..Mummy has made sambhar rice at home), where you can hear distilled Classical Music flowing out of low volume speakers, where they have huge Gujarati Jain/Rajasthani thalis, and also..fruit juices, tea/coffee, and….wait for it….mocktails! There are couches scattered here and there..with people sitting reading books (proper intellectual ones ok! Nietzsche/Tamil Literature etc). Now why does this sound familiar? Wait a minute, this is a perfect description of my home (without the thalis and mocktails)! See? Every day is a party for me (not)! Sorry, got a bit carried away here.

Anyway, grievances aside, this year I have decided that I will also make New Year resolutions (keeping them is a whole other story). So, here goes:

1) Stop looking like hot air balloon and start looking more like Deepika Katrina Kareena et al.

2) Study very hard (ok don’t flip out, it’s just a resolution)

3) Start earning this year (cleaning home toilet and taking money from mummy doesn’t count)

4) Write more

5) Read more

The last one is the easiest..I recently acquired a Kindle Paperwhite as a gift (some friends are invaluable) and have spent all my time going gaga over it.


So many free books to be had (Project Gutenberg only, you understand), I’m going mental. All I can think of is what books to read/download next. Surfing the internet, I stumbled upon this:


Image Source

Looks quite good to me. Will try and complete this list within the year, and hopefully review each book here as I go along. Anyway, Happy New Year, dear readers, and be careful what you do today; they say it sets the tone for the rest of the year (ok I’m definitely not gonna study today), so read more, write more, enjoy more, and do write in with your New Year resolutions/challenges! 🙂

Image Source


6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve for the Dull

  1. All the best to you for this readathon. Incidentally, BRUNCH by Hindustan Times has also featured a similar book challenge after their previous one became a runaway hit. So, you can take up that challenge too. My own New Year’s eve was fit for the dead leave alone the dull.

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  2. Thank you..:) Yes, I saw the Brunch Challenge..but that one just says read 30 books in the by default i’ll be taking it up I guess.. 😉 Haha..guess we should celebrate next New Year’s eve together then.. 😛


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